Shooting for Discovery Channel at the Sa
Found 3 more dogs with my infrared drone
Found a mom and baby koala this morning

Douglas Thron is one of the world's most experienced drone pilots. 

Using his drones he films all over the planet. He is a cinematographer and/or photographer for clients such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel, CBS News, Good Morning America, NBCUniversal, Google, Forbes, Huffington Post, La Times, Fox News, Inside Edition, Google, United States Federal Government, State of California, Huffington Post, Time, People, Glamour, Sierra, and Sunset.

It was during the filming for various tv shows that he pioneered the idea to start using infrared drones with zoom lens and spotlights for animal rescues. He has used his drone infrared animal rescue skills all over the world to save animals and pets after fires, floods, and hurricanes.

Douglas is based out of Sydney Australia, Miami Florida, and Los Angeles California.


Douglas Thron

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